#45 Colombo's - Eagle Rock
22 January 2017
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Rating: 2.50 cows


Colombo’s has been a staple of Eagle Rock since 1954. Imbued with the sort of old-world charm that you might expect of an Italian restaurant, it sits comfortably between that checkered tablecloth chianti bottle kitch and the white tablecloth elegance.

There’s live music just about every evening, and the place is small enough that it feels cozy without feeling cramped. The bar runs along one side and is mostly cordoned off from the rest of the seating area.

We had a large group and took up a good portion of the main dining room at a long table down the center between the naugahyde booths. The service was interesting to say the least. After taking our orders, they neglected to take our menus. Stranger, they left without taking our dinner orders and only took orders for our salads and appetizers. When the food came out, they still didn’t take our menus and we had no place to put them while we ate our salads. After clearing our salad plates, they finally took our dinner orders and also took away the menus. We’re still baffled by it all.

The steaks were all cooked more or less as we requested, but it was hard to really get excited about  any of them. The cuts were adequately sized, but as we’ve come to find from many of these older places, they just didn’t have the flavor we would have hoped. The steaks come with sides, so your baked potatoes and greens are included with your meat.

The dessert selection was good, and they were tasty, but it wasn’t enough to overcome the mediocrity of the steaks and service. It’s a fine place to go for the nostalgia or the kitsch, but don’t make this a destination for the steak.

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