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The Great Steakout started humbly, as many important things do: with men and their beer. It was early 2009 at Lucky Baldwin's in Pasadena when Brent casually mentioned that he was craving a good steak. Because his wife is a pescetarian, going to a steakhouse is at the very bottom of the list. David had given up steak for lent and as Easter neared, was craving the very same.

"How about we go get a big fat juicy steak after Easter?" David asked.

The other steak-loving gentlemen overheard this conversation and naturally wanted in. It wasn't long before a plan was hatched to sample a different Los Angeles steakhouse every month, not only as a quest to find the very best, but to satisfy our stomachs and tastebuds alike. We are not looking for One Steak To Rule Them All, but instead, we aim to discover through our distinguishing palates which restaurants live up to the hype, and which are underrated; which to avoid and which have the best value.

It is a journey without end, but also endlessly delicious, and we hope you will follow us as we go.

—David, Brent, Josh, Brock, Rick, Geoff