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Brent descends from a long line of carnivores.  He was raised in the midwest, known as a very meat and potatoes region by culinary standards.  Combine this with the fact that he was raised by a father who takes great pride in his skills on the grill, and it is no wonder that Brent grew up with a special place in his heart for grilled meats.  And what is steak, if not the king of all grilled meats?

Brent enjoys cooking delicious steaks himself.  So much so that he still has nightmares about the dark times from 2002-2005, when he lived in two apartments in a row that did not allow outdoor grills.  Now that those days are behind him, he enjoys dining at premium steakhouses that have the resources to create a better steak than he can.



David was always a bit of a problem child when it came to eating his greens but if there was meat on the table, that's all that mattered.  The love for steak didn't happen until later on in his life but it was probably because the only steaks he was exposed to were from Sizzler or Black Angus.  Steak sauce just didn't seem to taste as good as a good cheeseburger but once David had a taste of a good quality meat, there was no turning back.  It didn't matter which cut it was, David liked them all, but the porterhouse or rib eye were the cuts he'd order most.

As one of the co-founders of The Great Steakout, David couldn't be happier.  "Every month I see great friends and enjoy a great meal.  It doesn't get much simpler or better than that.  Meeting up for a good steak every month is also a great way to just explore something new.  Even if it's bad, there's always next month."


Josh has enjoyed steak for longer than he can remember. It probably began before he could even walk when his parents noticed that he just didn't like baby food. They gave him food off their own plates, and a new love afffair was born. Always with a taste for fine foods, Josh enjoys cuisine from all over the world, but finds it hard to beat the pleasure of a well-cut, aged, seasoned, and cooked slab of meat.

He recognizes that a really good steak is the exception rather than the rule, and that if a cow is going to die to end up on a dinner plate, that meal should be worthy of the animal's life. Josh contributes to The Great Steakout not to find the perfect steak, but to experience a wide range of cuts, preparations, and seasonings. The only thing on which there is no compromise is the cooking: bring it bloody.


Ten years ago, Rick started a new chapter in his life. For the previous 10 years,
since he was a junior in high school, he hadn't consumed any red meat, poultry
or that other white meat. Heck, for the first 6 years of his battle with vegitarianism, he didn't eat seafood... he was even a vegan for 3 years!  But life changed with his move to Southern California, away from the granola ways of the San Francisco Bay.

But more than a just a mere geographical change, an overall change in outlook, health, and happiness. Away with the gloom and fog of the Bay and in with the sun and fun of Los Angeles. He was starting fresh and that included embracing fine dining and learning about wine. Rick recently completed a custom wine cellar, and with his wife Heather are building a collection of wines to pair the suitable drink with any meal. You can't deny that protein is great for the body and Rick has found that a medium rare steak is also great for the soul, especially when it's served during a Steakout, bringing together good friends, fine wine and flavorful food.


Geoff didn't always love steak.  He liked steak just fine, but it wasn't something he ravenously sought out. That all changed one fateful night. While enjoying a leisurely stroll down a backwater country road, Geoff heard a distressed "MOOOOOO" in the distance. The fog was thick that moonless night and Geoff struggled to find the source of the "MOOOOOO." He followed the bovine cries into a deep gully only to discover a small, scared cow surrounded by a gang of rabid cannibal cows. The cannibal cows had crazy eyes and snapped wildly at their prey. Geoff leaped to the defense of the small cow and fought the cannibal cows off as best he could. But Geoff isn't much of a fighter and he was soon overpowered. As he was thrown aside, Geoff suffered a nasty bite to the forearm.

That bite was a watershed moment in Geoff's life. Whatever gave those cannibal cows the thirst for beef was soon coursing through Geoff's veins. He no longer "liked steak"—he needed steak. Medium rare. Maybe a few side dishes. Now Geoff wanders the earth, more animal than man, seeking out his next red meat meal.

In his spare time, Geoff is a lawyer with an overactive imagination who fancies a good steak.


Brock's love of steak started appropriately enough with his father's outdoor grilling of steaks. That love carries forward to this day where one of his favorite things is to take a nice cut of steak, season and prepare it and cook it on his outdoor grill. He has journeyed across the country and across the world sampling great food, beverages and cuisines. His top two steaks ever consumed were in Orlando, Florida (2007) and Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia (1994). To this day those are the steaks that he compares all steaks with, and he looks forward to topping them at each forthcoming Steakout.