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How We Rate

Each steakhouse is given a single rating from one to five cows by each member. The overall rating for a steakhouse reflects the average from all the members in attendance. Each rating takes into account the following factors, in the sole discretion of the person giving the rating:

  1. Taste
    The most important factor is how well it tastes. This is why we do this.

  2. Cooking
    How well is it cooked? Medium-rare or medium? How well is it seasoned?

  3. Cut
    This refers to the size and quality of the cut itself. Is the size appropriate for the cut? How well was it cut?

  4. Ambiance
    This includes the decor, cleanliness, whether the furniture is comfortable, size of the restaurant, etc.

  5. Service
    How nice were the staff? Did they go the extra mile or were they too busy to notice us? What was their attitude?

  6. Value 
    Finally, this category allows a member to give points to a place which may not score as high in other areas but represents a great value for the price paid.