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#26 Larsen's - Encino

Rating: 4.25 cows


What better way to say goodbye to 2012 and ring in the new year than with a big juicy steak? Our thoughts exactly. For New Year's Eve 2012 we headed out to Larsen's Steakhouse in Encino for our last meal of the year.

Like most finer establishments, Larsen's featured some special entertainment for the evening, serenading diners with live music that complemented the ambiance quite nicely. Like any good New Year's Eve party however, there was still some kitsch to be had with plastic party hats and favors.

We sat down and were handed menus, bound in faux-leather with everything on a single sheet of paper. As with most steakhouses, the lights are dim and while it's certainly more difficult to read a menu than in, say, a Danny's, it's still quite feasible. That didn't seem to stop Larsen's from creating lighted menus to further enhance the mood. The menus are backlit in a soft bluish light with EL panels, (remember those Timex IndiGLO watches?) All this was alright with us, so long as they didn't skimp on the steak to pay for the lighted menus.

The wait staff was courteous and attentive, and handled our larger party of eight quite well. The prices at Larsen's are on the higher end of the scale, but not quite the tip of the top. Steaks range from about $40-60, with a $15-per-oz NY Wagyu also available. We ordered a variety of cuts, including the filet, porterhouse, NY, and Ribeye along with an assortment of sides.

The steaks were excellent, with superior flavor, texture, and cooked to perfection. At this level it becomes hard to distinguish between various experiences, but we agreeed that Larsen's is indeed a force when it comes to a high-end steakhouse. Everyone was satisfied, and we would all return here in an instant.

We ended our meal with a selection of desserts that were also expertly prepared and equally as delectible. One of us ordered a hot fudge sundae, and while not on the menu, the waiter told us he'd make it happen, and he delivered on that promise. Because of the added entertainment fee for New Year's Eve ($30/person), this was our most expensive Steakout so far.

Larsen's was a fantastic meal to close out the year, and we can't wait to see what 2013 has in store for us…

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