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#36 Shiloh's - Pico Robertson

Rating: 2.25 cows


Steakout XXXVI was held at Shiloh’s. Or was it Shilo’s? We’re not quite sure, and neither are the people who work there, apparently. Regardless, the only important word to know is STEAK, and that is their specialty.

Shiloh’s is unique among the places we’ve visited thus far in that it’s the only one that’s certified Kosher. Located in the heavily Jewish area of Pico Robertson, it’s not surprising that the city’s only Kosher steakhouse would be located here.

The interior is rather elegant, white linens adorn white walls around a medium-sized dining room with white tablecloths and white booths and chairs. The floor is a dark hardwood. The restaurant is purely food-focused. Although they do serve beer and wine, they do not serve cocktails and thus do not have a separate bar.

Our party of 5 was seated promptly, but when the waiter took our drink order he strangely omitted one person and took his order after delivering some of the drinks. After we ordered, it took an inordinate amount of time to receive  our salads, along with the one beer that apparently took 30 minutes to chill.

We began with the Ceasar, beet, and quinoa salads. The Caesar was decidedly sub-par; with cherry tomatoes and a creamy dressing that was far too sweet and obviously processed. The quinoa salad was similarly underwhelming, while the beet salad was adequate but overdressed.

So let’s get onto the main course. This is the part where Shiloh’s could have redeemed itself, because after all this is the reason we came. Shiloh’s prices are quite good, with steaks ranging from $35-66 that include vegetables and potato sides. Their steaks are all wet-aged for 21 days. We ordered the filet (11oz), rib eye (10oz, boneless), chef’s cut rib eye (28oz, bone-in), and the steak au poivre (14oz rib eye). The filets were large and beautiful, but unfortunately lacking in flavor. One was dry, the other just mediocre. chef’s cut rib eye was thinner than we would have expected, and overcooked. The pepper steak, which was ordered at medium-rare came out medium-well and had to be sent back. They were polite about it, but it shouldn’t have happened. Finally the 10oz rib eye was the “highlight” of the night if you could call it that. Most of it was cooked rare-plus, as requested, and was quite delicious. But a god portion of the steak was decidedly medium bordering on medium-well. Really disappointing all around.

The array of potato side dishes is ample but none really stood out except for the roasted fingerling potatoes with rosemary. We ordered two “exciting sides” to taste the steak cut truffle fries and the beef bacon. The fries were another let down. They weren’t steak-cut at all; rather they were thin-cut like you’d find at a fast-food restaurant. And while they did taste like truffles, it didn’t even come close to justifying the $9 price. The beef bacon was good, or as good as fake bacon can be. Better than turkey bacon, it was essentially beef jerky served in strips. It lacked the crispness of a good piece of bacon, and it was sweeter owing to its bovine heritage. A nice gimmick for a restaurant that wouldn’t dream of serving the real thing, but there’s a reason “beef bacon” is not a thing.

Finally, our waiter asked if we’d like to see the dessert tray. Perhaps he suspected we wouldn’t be ordering anything, because his heart really wasn’t in the presentation. We passed, and with that ended our evening at Shiloh’s.

If you are strictly kosher and want a good steak, well, you sadly don’t have many choices and will have to make do with the offerings at Shiloh’s. The food was certainly not bad, but it really left much to be desired in just about every category. It’s tough to recommend this place, so we won’t and say that you’re probably better off going someplace else.

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