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#46 Ocean Prime - Beverly Hills

Rating: 3.50 cows


Located in Beverly Hills, Ocean Prime neighbors with some stiff competition. Both CUT and Mastro’s are but a stone’s throw away, and both sit at the top of our ratings thus far in our journey.

Operated by Cameron Mitchell, Ocean Prime is part of the rejuvenated eponymous restaurant group with origins in Columbus, Ohio. The bar is divided into two sections which straddle a walkway to the underground parking structure. We started there and partook of the happy hour offerings, which were good despite not including their Old Fashioned. 

The dining room is dark and sleek, packed with business types entertaining clients or their wives or girlfriends. We were seated promptly and well attended to by our waiter.

We started with our usual wedge and caesar salads which were solid across the board. Some places try to fancy things up but we’ve found the best success when they don’t try to do too much. Ocean Prime does well in this regard. The same can be said for the side dishes which all tasted good. We ordered the standard french fries, corn, and truffle mac & cheese. It’s weird to think of truffle mac & cheese as being a standard, but it certainly feels like that nowadays. Once again, we were underwhelmed with the fries.

On to the meat. Ocean Prime’s cuts are generous and this is a place that knows how to cook a slab of meat. We ordered the Rib Eye, Filet, and the NY Strip and they all tasted good. The rare-plus filet was especially decadent and bursting with flavor with a crisp light char on the outside. Our biggest complaint was that while the steaks were certainly above average, they didn’t quite live up to the prices compared to other places we’ve been. That’s unfortunate, but as we’ve mentioned there is some seriously stiff competition just down the road.

The dessert offerings were good, and also featured standard selections (cheesecake, compote, ice cream). We tried a few and they were good, but nothing outstanding.

Overall we felt that Ocean Prime is a nice place to get a very good steak. It’s better than your average steakhouse, but given the location we find it hard to recommend this place over its outstanding neighbors. Still, if you find yourself here you’ll likely enjoy a good meal even if the price is a bit high.

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