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#7 STK - West Hollywood

Rating: 2.75 cows


STK takes a different approach to a steakhouse in that the focus here is all about the sauces that go with your steak, rather then the steak itself. With each steak you order there you can pick one of their 8 sauces for your steak and also purchase an additional sauce for $2. Each of these sauces comes in a little saucer instead of actually being prepared with or for your steak. Everyone in our party had their steaks cooked perfectly to order. However, as the focus is on the sauce, the steaks are not prepared or seasoned in any way. Because of this, the steaks had very little flavor themselves. On top of that the sauces were not that impressive and most of the party ended up eating their steaks without using the sauces that came along with them. It felt that there was an opportunity missed for the steak to be seasoned to reflect the sauce the customer chose for the steak instead of no seasoning what-so-ever.

Of further importance, the steaks are also quite pricey, as this experience is definitely up there in the top 3 most expensive steakhouses that we have reviewed. On the plus side, the entire STK restaurant was packed, so reservations are definitely required. This may be partially due to that STK also has its own nightclub on the premises, which got more crowded as people continued to file in as we dined into the evening. On the negative side, our service continued to get worse as we continued to dine, topped off at the end by the waiter incorrectly charging one of the credit cards in our party by $100. When this was brought up to the waiter, he seemed to be offended when we pointed out his mistake. 

To conclude, STK is great for those that like sauces with their steaks. Most of the restaurant is set up for large party dining (5-10 people), which is great if you want to share sauces with the rest of the members of your party as we did. However, for about $10-20 more we could have dined at Morton's (our top reviewed steakhouse) in which we would've had a better seasoned steak along with much better service.

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