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#8 Damon's - Glendale

Rating: 3.25 cows


If you love both steak and chi-chis, you might want to check out Damon's in Glendale. Here you will find the unusual combination of a tiki theme and a steak restaurant. Your steaks and umbrella drinks will be served in a dining room decorated with bamboo, faux huts with thatched roofs, and polynesian trinkets. The result? in a word, "fun."

At the bar, we sampled the featured drinks - the mai-tai and the chi-chi. Both were average, fruity tropical drinks that didn't knock our socks off. We also ordered some tasty coconut shrimp as we waited for the entire group to arrive. As we sipped our drinks and observed the clientele, we noticed a definite trend toward older patrons. This was certainly not a trendy restaurant, but it appeared to be popular enough with the 40+ customers who have likely been dining there for years.

The dinner menu had a selection of 5 basic cuts, all between $20 and $25. Our group sampled the new york steak, the ribeye, the filet, and the "thick juicy tenderloin"; the untested cut was the top sirloin. In addition, some of the filet eaters ordered specials that included either scallops or coconut shrimp. All of the steaks were cooked properly, but weren't among the most flavorful steaks that we've tried. This was probably due to a combination of average meat quality and too-little seasoning. Everyone enjoyed their steak, but nobody was overly impressed. We also had some mixups with the salads, which could perhaps be forgiven considering that we were a party of 11.

Overall, our impression was that Damon's is a fun, kitschy, and reasonably-priced place to eat. It hasn't dislodged Outback as our value steakhouse of choice, but if you're in the mood for a tropical theme or just don't relish dining at a national chain, Damon's is a place you might enjoy.

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